Vinyl Plank - Beautiful and Durable

Vinyl Plank – Beautiful and Durable

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is becoming increasingly popular!

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Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring often referred to as “resilient” flooring is the newest innovation to hit the flooring industry. In a class all it’s own, available in many sizes and styles, today’s vinyl flooring offers you a wide spectrum of exciting choices and unusual design options.

Today’s new vinyl can truly mimic any flooring product, resembling wood, stone, brick or tile. The look is so true to form that it often goes undetected as a vinyl product. These amazing replicas have such incredible realism it is difficult for most people to tell whether it’s the real thing or not.

Because of the great advancements in styling and technology, vinyl floors have been changed forever. Vinyl has come a long way since your mother’s vinyl kitchen floor! Today’s vinyl offers good looks, resistance to moisture and a wide variety of colors and textures. A resilient floor can be used in all areas throughout your home offering beautiful stylish options, as well as high performance, durability, low maintenance and a tremendous value.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - High Performance & Low Maintenance

Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring – High Performance & Low Maintenance

The ability to customize your floor by mixing contrasting colors, creating medallions or curved cuts that express your unique vision and personality allows your imagination to soar.


In fact, no other floor covering category offers you the selection, styling, ease of maintenance and value as a vinyl floor!